I’ve been experimenting and developing my processes to follow my inspiration fully and let my work evolve.  In doing so, everything else is changing too! 


I am currently expanding my gallery representation  

OBSERVE deeply    LISTEN intuitively    COLOR harmonically    EXPRESS meaningfully


“Once drawn to an idea, I wander the paths of observations, research, whisperings, and imagination

until it is ready to be manifested for others to experience.

Sometimes it is a figurative work;

sometimes a landscape

or wildlife

or plant

My new and upcoming work is an interconnection of them all.   


The result is not a snapshot of the individual, but rather the entanglement of the totality.  They are intertwined, projected and woven connections of subject with environmental and color energies -- the product of my sensory experiences discovered in the investigative process.   Through the complex layering and weaving of symbols, images, allegory and color, the paintings want to uplift the viewer with a positive energy -- maybe even awaken an innermost knowledge of our connectedness."