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Creativity Released!
A Journey to your Unique Voice

The Full Story

A one-of-a-kind multi-day workshop developed from her own experience in getting her master's in fine art, Jamie designed this workshop for anyone that wants more for their creations.  Whether you are like Jamie, and

just tired of creating other's work, or just trying to deepen your own creative process, this workshop takes you on a very specific path of selection that combines your unique combinations.


Embark on a transformative artistic journey with an immersive 3-day or 5-day workshop, where you'll discover the various levels of your inner voice. Guided by seasoned artistic insights and innovative techniques, this methodology is designed for attendees of all ages and skill levels. The process identifies the details of your personal imaginations by exploring a comprehensive list of decisions made in the creative process that are uniquely "yours". Through a dynamic blend of firsthand activities, group discussions, and personalized guidance, you'll notice your singular creative voice emerge.  Click for more information

"I think this new workshop sounds amazing...Jamie is a world-class artist and teacher, a frequent contributor to magazines such as the Artist's Magazine; a presenter...and has led webinars for organizations such as American Women Artists (AWA)"  N.F.


ONLINE version coming soon!

Aug 16-18, 2024    Boulder School of Fine Arts

April 4-8, 2025   (5 Day)   Boulder School of Fine Arts


Let’s Work Together

Do you head an Organization that would like to host this workshop? or a Creative that is interested in taking my online workshop when it's ready? (Soon!!!) Get in touch so we can start working together.

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