Lindholm at work


b., 1961, Akron, Ohio 

Jamie Lindholm is an American artist and painter working with Oils and Photography. She creates complex woven paintings connecting emotions, experiences, figures, and memories culminating in conceptual work about our entanglements. 

Lindholm’s art has been exhibited throughout the United States, as well as in Sweden. Her work is in the permanent collections of the International Securities Exchange (NYC), Dancker, Sellew & Douglas (NJ), Somerset County Parks of New Jersey as well as private collections in the United States, Switzerland, Australia, and Sweden. 

Jamie is a Signature Member of American Women Artists, and a long-time member and former Ambassador National Coordinator of the Portrait Society of America.  She is a frequent Mentor for the Portrait Society's Cecilia Beau Forum. She currently works from her studio in the greater Denver/Boulder area. and selected works can be found at Sugarlift, NYC. 

For more than three decades, my approach to painting was to represent a life in a portrait. I didn't want to represent just the subject's likeness, but incorporate their style, their personality, their surroundings, and even their energy.  For the most part, these concepts were represented by pose, color, lighting and objects included in the painting -- typical of most representational portrait work, right?
Interestingly, In the process of getting my Masters (Fine Art), I explored more conceptual processes and completely change the way I approach a painting-- that is what you see today.

I primarily work in oil representing the concepts of memories, places, subjects and emotions, and all of their interconnectedness, by weaving them together.  The visual image of a landscape is physically woven with the image of my subject and then recreated onto the panel through multiple layers. I am able to gradually emerge the subject from their entanglement to all things. Visually, they are pseudo three dimensional -- in the painting's and the viewers' energy simultaneously. 

I imagine myself standing looking out a window at the cold, snowy Rockies while remembering the warm sunshine and perfectly clear black-blue water of the Baltic. In that moment, metaphysically, I am in both places at the same time and experiencing both equally.  The air is different, the sounds and smells as well, but the senses are all engaged. That conceptual mixing of energies -- their interconnectedness -- is what this work represents. Memories woven with experiences, past, present and future. The actions of one always effects and affects simultaneously in ways that are seen and unseen.

My work is evolving and continuing to expand in both size and concept.  The weaves are becoming larger, more complex patterns and number of subjects increasing. The themes are moving toward the global perspective as I explore my place in the world and my observations of our interconnectedness through medium, subject, and color.

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