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Lindholm at work

For more than three decades, my approach to painting was to represent a life in a portrait. I didn't want to convey just the subject's likeness, but incorporate their style, personality, surroundings, and energy if I could. For the most part, these concepts were represented by pose, color, lighting, and objects included in the painting -- typical of most representational portrait work. In the process of getting my MFA, I explored a more conceptual process, and it completely changed the way I approach painting. That is what you see today.

​I primarily paint in oil. The paintings represent the entanglements of places, subjects, memories, or metaphors, and all their simultaneous existence. The visual image of a landscape may be woven with the image of my subject and then translated onto the panel through multiple layers of paint. Visually, they are meant to intertwine the dimensions where they appear to be receding and emerging within the energy in unison. It is a quantum exploration.

I imagine myself standing looking out a window at the snowy Rockies while remembering the warm sunshine and perfectly clear, black-blue water of the Baltic. At that moment, I am in both places at the same time and experiencing both equally. The air is different, the sounds and smells as well, but the senses are all engaged. That quantum mixing of energies -- their entanglement -- is what my work is about -- Memories woven with experiences, past, present, and future. The actions of one always effect and affect simultaneously in ways that are seen and unseen.

Ongoing work in my studio varies from themes from the past to those of the future. In my work, timelines are not linear. I have long wanted to visually weave historically notable women with their personal and historical environments – somehow also portraying their contributions to the world. At the same time, I continue to be fascinated with more modern themes of quantum entanglement and how we interact with our environments through all our senses. Whether they are figures with oversized florals or animal life within scenic landscapes, all the work will be completed within my brand of richly harmonious color meaningfully expressing observations and intuitions.

b., 1961, Akron, Ohio 

Jamie Lindholm is an American artist, writer, teacher, and mentor living near Boulder, Colorado.  She is most known for her complex oil paintings visually weaving people, places, and memories that culminate in conceptual work about our human entanglements. 

​Jamie graduated from Ashland University with a BSBA in Business Management and Marketing.  She then progressed through art programs in the studios of David Zuccarini, Maryland Institute College of Art, Studio Incamminati, and The Art Students League of NY where she studied with notables Everett Kinstler, David Leffel, Nelson Shanks, and Robert Neffson. She continued her studies with a Master of Fine Art (with highest honors) from Regis University.

She has received recognition for her paintings from the Portrait Society of America, the Luxembourg Art Prize, American Women Artists, the Art Renewal Center, the Almenara Collection, and the Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club. Her work has appeared in the book The Best of Drawing by Artists Network & American Artist Magazine, International Artist Magazine, Design NJ, Somerset County Business, and several issues of Artists Magazine.

Lindholm’s art has been exhibited throughout the United States. Notable venues include the Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art, the Rockwell Museum, the Salmagundi Club, the National Arts Club, the Brookgreen Gardens Museum, and the Customs House Museum. Her work is in the permanent collections of the International Securities Exchange and Dancker, Sellew & Douglas, as well as private collections in the United States, Switzerland, Australia, and Sweden. 

Jamie enjoys mentoring other women artists and teaching students of all ages. She most recently enjoys teaching her unique workshop “Creativity Released: A Journey to Your Unique Voice”, which chronicles and leads attendees through specific explorations to analyze and uncover their creative expressions. She is a Signature Status member of American Women Artists, and a long-time member of the Portrait Society of America, where she has volunteered as an Ambassador, a National Coordinator, and a Mentor.  She annually participates in their conferences through Portfolio Critiques and introducing Faculty in break-out sessions.

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